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A Wrinkle In Time: The Time Travel Duck

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Hi, I'm Wrinkle, A Time Traveling Duck. 

I was born in 2020, Sep. 9 Louisville Kentucky,

but my birth parents live in a farm in California.


I started my traveling life at the age of 3 months when I attended my fist event in Central Park New York. 

I did very good.

I have been to many states, all the way from Arizona to New York,​ I love traveling.

I've been to many Events like Fairs, Festivals, Birthdays, Art Shows, Casinos & Resorts. I specialize in parade, I walk in a line with my lovely assistants: Justin Wood Circus & His Lovely Assistant while they juggle and do all kind of tricks.


Wrinkle The Duck


Lunar Faire, NJ

Saratoga Race Course, NY

NYRA: Belmont Park, NY

East Northport Festival, NY

Garden City Promenade, NY

Woodloch Pine Resort, PA

Pleasant Valley Bicentennial Event, NY

NYC Art Movement Art Show, NYC


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