Want to know if Justin is available for your event?

Email: JustinWoodCircus@gmail.com


How long is the show?

We typically recommend a 60min full show, but we provide anything from 5min acts to 60min show. 

How big of a stage do you need?

The bigger the better! Minimum is 10 feet x 10 feet; 

also the higher ceilings! the better, minimum is 10 feet;

we can modify some acts/tricks to accommodate the space, but we want to show you the best! 

Do you provide insurance?


If you need performer liability insurance (short-term event insurance), please inform us before booking.

We do provide 1-3 days performer liability insurance with additional fee with Insurance Canopy.

Do you provide your own sound system? 


We also provide back drops, please let us know if you need them!

Do you wear costume?

Normally Justin would be wearing a white shirt, vest, black pants & bowler hat;

His Lovely Assistant would be wearing a black shirt & black skirt.

If you'd us to wear specific costume, additional charges apply since it might effect & limit our performance abilities.

More Questions? 

Email: JustinWoodCircus@gmail.com

Terms & Conditions

(To Email Justin & Reserving/Booking An Event With Him Is To Acknowledge & Accept These Conditions)

-Additional Charges Apply For Custom Wordrobe / Costume / Clothing Options

-A Deposit Is Required At The Time Of Booking Or To Reserve A Date

-All Deposits Are Non-Refundable

-Accounts failing to complete the full balance on the agreed date will be subject to an additional late fee of 20%.

-Accounts providing 'bogus' payments and/or bounced checks are subject to additional penalty.

-Accounts failing to complete the full balance within 30 days of the agreed date of payment will be subject to an additional late fee of 50%.  If this balance remains unpaid after 90 days of the agreed date of payment, the account will be moved to collections. Legal action may then be issued as means to obtain payment for services provided and the account holder will be subject to court costs, legal fees, and up to $10,000 in fines.


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